Sinnlicht Outdoor, 20:00h


From the very first instant of each of his sets, Milo prepares us for an astonishing journey and invites us to reconnect with our true selves, to probe deep inside our being for buried or sometimes forgotten feelings. This is how a beautiful story begins in the heart of our unconsciousness, underlined by refined ethnic sounds and highly emotional synths. We get by and by seized in a world of sweetness with melancholic accents and our ears discover an enchanting poem that needs no words.

For quite some time Milo has been part of the electronic scene, spreading his music that raises stunning emotions and brings about strong messages; it makes us question the world which surrounds us. It brings us together, opens our minds and leads us to sometimes forgotten essential values such as sharing, meeting and discovering.
Milo’s musical skills developed during early childhood cello lessons, which he uses now as source of inspiration for his dreamy journeys.

Finally, we can say that Milo belongs to those artists who subtly offer us a new look on our surrounding, like a little note of hope in the hubbub of the world around us.

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